In the constant quest to offer customers new services GAMCO is proud to be able to offer ADSL connectivity to the IS MPLS network. Secure connectivity is achieved to your corporate infrastructure as well as lower costs and increased bandwidth are just a few of the benefits that an GAMCO customer will gain from this GAMCO service.

What is ADSL?

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a new modem technology that enables an ordinary telephone line to reach speeds up to 1024kbps (over 18 times that of a dialup connection). It is another connectivity technology that transmits data at a high bandwidth on existing copper telephone lines to homes and businesses. The ADSL system makes use of your existing telephone line and splits the signal into voice communications and high speed data connection. ADSL is capable of simultaneously offering voice information on the same line.

ADSL offers you increased bandwidth. The downstream bandwidth (Maximum 1024k) is higher than the upstream (Maximum 512k). Being asymmetric, it means that ADSL uses most of the channel to transmit downstream (refers to the flow of information from the requested information resource to your PC) to the user and only a small part to receive information from the user. Whatever level of your downstream, your upstream level is fixed at 512Kbps.

Unlike a regular dialup phone service, ADSL provides a continuously available "always on connection". This advantage of having an always on technology means that there are no time-related charges, as your computer or network is permanently connected to your corporate network through your ADSL router.

Currently there are several connectivity methods used to access the IS MPLS network:

  1. Diginet
  2. ATM
  3. ISDN
  4. Analogue
  5. Dial-up
  6. Satellite
  7. GPRS
  8. HSCSD
  9. EDGE
  10. 3G

ADSL therefore joins the above list.

How Does ADSL MPLS Work?

An ADSL Cisco router needs to be placed at the customers required sites, this will connect via an ADSL connection to the Telkom DSLAM (Acronym). Once connected and authenticated, the sites connectivity will be encrypted and then directed to the IS MPLS network where the connection will gain access to the customer's specific MPLS VRF (Virtual Routing & Forwarding) or layer. Once there, the site will have the ability to gain access to the corporate network. In addition to this corporate connectivity, the site if required, can also have the ability to access the internet via the corporate breakout port, where usually a firewall is in place. This will add additional security to the ADSL service as the connection will have to adhere to corporate firewall policies.

This option does not require an ISP internet account. Only an ADSL connection is required.


Fig 1: Schematic network diagram of ADSL into the MPLS VPN

Benefits Of Having ADSL MPLS


Requirements For MPLS ADSL

A Telkom ADSL connection and ADSL router is required.

GAMCO takes care of everything. We do the purchasing for you.


  1024kb ADSL 512kb ADSL
Set-up Cost (Port, Router and reporting setup) R 2,305.00 R 2,305.00
Monthly Cost R 2,150.00 R 1,200.00
GAMCO per branch charge Includes:
An 837 ADSL Router Yes Yes
Bandwidth across ADSL network to the MPLS cloud in JHB Yes Yes
ADSL Port Yes Yes
Statistical Reporting Yes Yes
Support 24/7 Yes Yes
Telkom ADSL Connection (Standard Monthly Charge) R 596.49 R 404.04
Network to Network Interconnect (NNI) Port Charge (Monthly) R 600.00 R 600.00

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