DigiNet Leased Line

High-speed Internet access will help your business to be more productive and more successful. From dialup to ISDN or leased line solutions, our secure, reliable Internet access will allow your business to focus on what it does best, and not your Internet connection.

  64K Local 64K Int Fibre Xpress Plus + 64K Local 64K Int Fibre Xpress + 64K Local 64K Int Access Plus + 64K Local
Monthly Charge R741.00 R3,420.00 R2,508.00 R1,881.00
Setup Fee R2,280.00 R2,280.00 R2,280.00 R2,280.00
Telkom Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Network Address Translation Yes Yes Yes Yes
IP Address Alloction 16 16 16 16
News Group Usage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Router Configuration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Outage Notification Yes Yes Yes Yes
24/7 Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Usage Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Router Rental R866.40 R866.40 R866.40 R866.40

Under general operating conditions whereby our links are not being over utilised, each of our clients could potentially have the same service regardless of the type of bandwidth that they have purchased from us.

Under outage conditions whereby we lose connectivity on one or some of our International links, CIR takes priority here since they are paying the premium which means that they will always get the best service that’s available at that time.

In addition to the monthly fees quoted above, there is a once off activation charge of R3,000.00 per connection. All prices including VAT. We also supply routers and firewalls if you require, drop us an e-mail to sales@gam.co.za for a quote.

Please note that these prices exclude all Telkom line costs!

An estimation of a Telkom cost within a 50Km Radius would be R1,500.00 install and R1,400.00 per month per 64K. (Prices including VAT) Please contact us to quote you on an exact price.

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