Satellite access with dynamic IP for PC-based computers located beyond the range of ADSL-enabled telephone exchanges. The service offers you high-speed, always-available, two-way Internet connections bundled with toll-quality telephone and fax services.


Marketed under the Telkom SpaceStream brand, the offering places Data, Internet and Voice access via satellite technology within reach of almost anyone in South Africa regardless of where they live.

SpaceStream is a logical solution for general business and home users around the country who have been either unable to get Internet services via the traditional means of copper, or the access speed to the Internet is just not sufficient to meet your individual needs.

This means that Internet access without the constraints and congestion of terrestrial based telephone lines. With no special phone lines required, it is the logical solution for improved access speeds to the Internet, from almost anywhere.

If you or your business falls outside the Telkom ADSL footprint and your current access speeds to the Internet are just too slow, then this flexible product is most suited to meet your need for high-speed Internet access from the SpaceStream family of products.

  SSE 64 SSE 128 SSE 256 SSE 512
Monthly Rental (2 Year Contract) R966.72 R1,130.70 R1,455.78 R1,781.89
Installation R3,534.00 R3,534.00 R3,534.00 R3,534.00
- Specifications
 - Service 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs
 - Receiving (Downstream) 64 Kb/s 128 Kb/s 256 Kb/s 512 Kb/s
 - Transmit (Upstream) 16 Kb/s 32 Kb/s 64 Kb/s 128 Kb/s
 - Combined volume threshold (Capped) 500 MB 1000 MB 2000 MB 3000 MB
- Additional Volume
 - Per 3 GB R313.50 R313.50 R313.50 R313.50

All prices include VAT.