Reseller opportunities

Developing web sites and handing the hosting out? Paying up to R300 per month per domain? Or you have no experience in designing web sites but want to enter the exciting and lucrative field of the Internet! Whatever your needs, GamCo has the most cost effective business opportunities in South Africa for Web Developers and entrepeneaurs that want to enter the industry. GamCo offers up to 30% off its retail Hosting offering and 10% off all Connectivity solutions.

We work behind the scenes

As you set up your reseller business, we’ll back you up 100%, without getting in your way. You can feel confident that we’re here to support you, not to compete with you. The customers you sign up are yours, even if you leave us for another provider. All of our work is done in the background, so you come out looking like a winner. By offering your services and our servers as an integrated package, you can create your own brand of Internet services – with all the design, maintenance, connectivity, and administration bundled together. And you can do it all without leaving the comfort of your own computer.

How to start!

Starting your new business is as easy as 1-2-3. The first step is register a domain name or transfer a existing name to our servers. This process is indicated by sending us a e-mail or contacting us. Once we have a name we will proceed to setup your virtual server space. Your server will be ready for your use within 24 hours, now your ready to do business!

Start selling!

When you’re ready to open your business, we'll be right behind you. If you want your customers to know that your services are based at GamCo, that’s fine. If you’d rather keep us hidden in the background, that’s fine, too! Remember that you are responsible for supporting and billing your clients – we will not contact them in any way. Just keep bundling those domains and websites and whatever value-added services you wish to offer (or not offer…), and you’ll be sitting on top of a successful Internet-based business in no time!