Database Hosting

GamCo’s experience and Hardware infrastructure will assure you of the most reliable Database Hosting in South Africa.

Microsoft SQL2005/2000 Database

Dedicated SQL2005/2000 Database Servers with full Enterprise Manager and Query Analyser Access. Daily Database Backups.

Microsoft Access Database

Access Database Hosting fully inclusive of all Shared Windows Hosting Packages

MySQL Database

Powerful and reliable Linux based Database Hosting, inclusive of most GamCo Windows and Linux Hosting.

PostgreSQL Database

PostgreSQL: The world’s most advanced open source database. Sophisticated open-source Object-Relational DBMS supporting almost all SQL constructs, including subselects, transactions, and user-defined types.


  MS SQL2005 MS SQL2000 MySQL PostgreSQL MS Access
Monthly Cost R171.00 R171.00 R62.70 R62.70 R51.30
Setup Fee Free Free Free Free Free
Query Analyser Yes Yes No No No
Enterprise Manager Yes Yes No No No
MS ODBC Yes Yes No No Yes
DSN Connection Yes Yes No No Yes
Database Storage 200MB 200MB 50MB 50MB 5MB
Daily Backups Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MySQL Admin No No Yes No No
Web Hosting No No Yes Yes Yes

Database hosting needs to be incorporated with a GamCo Web Hosting Package.

Servers situated in Bryanston South Africa at Internet Solutions Data Centre.

All prices include VAT.