ADSL Firewall

GAMCO Security Solutions offers a managed onsite firewall service that is specifically designed for the SME / SOHO market utilsing an GAMCO ADSL solution. The ADSL Firewall offers clients an on-site (i.e. on the client’s network) Fortinet Firewall appliance which is a monthly rental service, offering advantages of an ongoing operational cost rather than large upfront capital expenditure. It also eliminates the requirement for sophisticated on-site security skills.

The device provides up to four Ethernet interfaces and is installed into the client&rsquol;s premises after an interactive firewall policy discussion is formulated by GAMCO Security Solutions. Unlimited 24x7 support of the firewall and its configuration is included, provided by qualified GAMCO security engineers. Ongoing software licensing, anti virus and hardware maintenance are included - engineers provide hardware support for the firewall and spares are kept on hand to ensure reduced turnaround times for repair and replacement.

Solution Features

Solution Benefits


Set-up Cost R 2,500.00
Monthly Cost R 600.00