Dual Site Disaster Recovery

Companies are completely dependent on IT systems, networks and work areas in order to support essential business processes. Corporations are finding it a necessity to have redundant platforms in multiple data centres necessary to offer total protection against disasters. Every business, however can now afford to recover and recover quickly.

Corporate business applications, e-Commerce transaction systems, web sites, networking equipment and streaming servers all need to be hosted in a fully managed, redundant and fault-tolerant environment, connected directly to a fast network. By hosting an application at GAMCO, customers have access to our expertise for support, data management, statistics reporting, monitoring, security and facilities management. This ensures the best use of a more fault-tolerant and secure infrastructure than could be deployed in-house.

What Are Dual Site Disaster Recovery Solutions?

For any customer wishing to have a Dual DR Solution, GAMCO will deploy dedicated standby servers in our Johannesburg IDCs (Internet Data Centres). The DR servers will always be connected to the network with the Operating System, Database and applications loaded. In the event of a disaster the data will be restored to the live servers from the Attix5 Backups.

How Do They Work?

Standby servers will be housed in one of GAMCO’s high availability data centres in Johannesburg. The servers will be connected to the network, but no replication will be performed on them. Clients will maintain the Operating System, Database and application changes, patches and updates on their DR Servers. An Attix5 client will be installed on both the live/production servers and the DR Servers to backup the data. In the event of a disaster only data will be restored using the Attix5 software. GamCo will make a DNS change to allow the DR servers to appear on the live network. The DR servers will remain live until the primary servers are restored.

Solution Highlights

Value-Added Features Available With DR Solutions

GAMCO DR Solutions can be customised to fit any clients requirements. The solution can be built from a series of elected services.

The services that are available are as follows:

Hardware rental options For the Leased and Full Service options, GAMCO Hosting rents Dell, HP & IBM equipment. Routers or switches are available for rental if required.
Radical Care Plan Boost your performance with our Radical Care Plan. We will Patch, Monitor and assist with your application to maximise performance, uptime and minimise the amount of time you spend administering your servers.
Hardware monitoring A software agent installed on your server monitors components such as hard-disks, CPU, memory and swap space.
Secure Space Option All of the solutions can be purchased with the Secure Space option. This provides lockable doors on the shelves where your server(s) are hosted. The Secure Space price is fixed and thus as your hosting requirements grow we charge only for the additional hosting space in 1U increments. A Secure Space customer will always be provided with a secure, safe, lockable environment where servers reside.

Solution Option

Dual Site Disaster Recovery - As well as providing a remote Dual DR Server and infrastructure, GamCo will manage the restoration of the Data.


  Slimline Leased Full Service
Setup Cost R2,508.00 R2,508.00 R2,508.00
Monthly Cost R2,565.00 R2,565.00 R2,565.00
- Server Specifications
 - Setup Cost R2,508.00 R2,508.00 R2,508.00
 - Monthly Cost R877.80 R1,664.40 R2,576.40
 - Processor Pentium 4 2.8GHz Xeon 3.2GHz Dual Xeon 3.2GHz
 - RAM 512MB 512MB 1GB
 - HDD 1 x 72GB 1 x 72GB 3 x 72GB

All prices are quoted in ZAR, exclude VAT and are subject to GAMCO Terms and Conditions which are available on request. Quoted pricing is subject to change without notice. The contract period for the pricing quoted above is 18 months.