Firewall Plus

The modern office with its extensive reliance on the Internet means it has become increasingly important to monitor and keep track of this potentially unproductive working environment. The challenge that HR departments face and that IT managers must support is how to enforce an Internet Acceptable Usage Policy within an organisation.

Firewall Plus is a unique custom built appliance for the South African market, allowing clients to perform firewalling, authentication, caching, proxying, URL (Web site) filtering, virus protection, Microsoft patch updates as well as comprehensive reporting. The device - located on the clients network; permits management from a single interface and offers detailed reports to administrators. Hardware and software are incorporated into the service and managed by IS. In addition, reporting provides administrators with valuable information on Web usage. Detailed pre-defined technical and management reports are emailed to designated individuals. Custom search features are avaialble for detailed information.

Core to the device is the URL filtering and Anti-Virus service that helps reduce legal liability, boost employee productivity and is a mechanism to enforce your existing Internet access policy. As a tool to support company IT and Information policies - which aim to limit misuse of Internet services - the Fierwall Plus is an essential system.

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  Firewall Plus
Setup Cost R9,120.00
Monthly Cost R5,130.00

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