Mail Services

High Speed Mail Services Hosted Locally on the IS Backbone (Unlimited Data Transfer)

Mail Boxes

  10MB 500MB Domain Pointer Booster 10MB Booster 500MB
Monthly Cost R11.40 R28.50 R14.82 R22.80 R114.00
Mail Boxes 1 1 10 10
Mail Box Size 10MB 500MB 10MB 500MB

All Mail Boxes include Virus Scanning and low level Spam filtering. SMTP Server Provided via SMTP Authenticion.

Should you require mail boxes a Mail Only Pointing Fee of R13.00 pm will be levied. This fee is dropped should you activate a Hosting Package with GamCo.

Wild Card / Catchall Mail Boxes

All mail to your domain is caught and placed in to one single mail Box.

  10MB 500MB
Monthly Cost R57.00 R85.50

Bulk Mailing Services

GamCo offers a bulk mailing system that is easily administered via a web based admin panel. Subscribers have the option of unsubscribing. A single email to your specified list email address will post to your entire list. Rich HTML messages are also supported by this system.

  Bulk Mail List Server Package
Monthly Cost R85.50
Inclusive Data 100MB
Additional Data R0.25

Includes 100MB of free data transfer.
* If you were to send 5,000 Emails of which the size was 10K each this would equate to R20-00

Bulk Mail Prices

100 + Mail Boxes 10MB R5.00 pm (Each)

Mail Spooling Services

GamCo will act as your secondary mail record MX, should you mail server fail GamCo will spool your mail up to 4 days. This service also includes SMTP relay and ETRN.

Mail Spooling Services R100.00 pm

Additional Services

Service Cost per month
ETRN Mail Spooling* + Fixed IP + Analogue Dial-Up R324.90
ETRN Mail Spooling* + Fixed IP + ISDN Dial-Up R363.66

* Spool file gets cleared every 5 days.
All prices exclude VAT.