Due to the recent boom in IT, many companies are connecting their businesses to the Internet via permanent links with little or no security procedures. Most of these organisations already have highly skilled IT staff in place, however many of these engineers do not have the background or relevant skillset to properly protect their corporate network and servers.

Questions you should be asking include:

Thankfully, although these are the questions you need to be asking, you don’t need to be the one answering.

GamCo provides specialist services to help you answer any one of these questions (or all of them and more) according to current best practices as well as providing full documentation about what we have done and why. GamCo does not guarantee the security of your network - nobody can, and if somebody does offer you this, they are not giving you a realistic viewpoint.

IT security is a rapidly changing field, and software that is secure today, may be vulnerable tomorrow. We believe that security isn’t a once off investment but rather an aspect of IT that should be integrated into the business. Security starts with each employee.

No two clients have the same business, and therefor no two clients have the same needs. Because of this, GamCo will analyse your business model and structure our IT security assessment around your business’s particular role and services.

Our objective is to do independent IT security risk analysis which we in turn use to provide a complete report for your network to show you where your security is lacking and why. We can also use these details to deliver the intended security, whether it be a small bug fix, or a full scale firewall solution with VPN tunnels and complete authentication.


Information System Security is usually one of the most neglected areas of a business network but it is the most important method of protecting your business online. It is a must for all businesses and should not be taken lightly – because of this, the services we offer are designed to check several aspects of system security. Based upon these findings and the level of security your network or server machine already has, we offer solutions and services such as:

Information Confidentiality

How much information can we find out about your specific network and servers and how much private company information can we get without authorised access?

System Integrity
File and System Permissions

Many default installations leave backdoors into the system that can let a normal user with malicious intent destroy files. We will set permissions as they are supposed to be, and check for backdoors which may allow unauthorised access.

System Policies
User Password Policies
Complete Remote “Hackability”
Ports and RAS

After analysing these aspects we provide you with a detailed report about your network and servers, and how much information and access we can gain completely remotely.

We will try to exploit the system, with the vulnerabilities we find in the system, and then provide a method of fixing and patching the system so that these vulnerabilities can be filtered out.

Our price structures are different for each company, and we negotiate for YOUR business needs.