The GamCo pbx is a fully cloud based system for those companies seeking high end PBX functionality for a fraction of the price of a stand alone platform. We are able to re-utilize any existing open SIP compliant instruments to protect current investments.


Economies of Scale
Access to a high end PBX, rich in features, at a fraction of the price of purchasing a stand alone telephony system

IP Based Infrastructure
This telephony solution can work off your network thus allowing;
· A single network point to be shared as a telephone point and a computer point.
· Mobility of extensions, your phone (extension) can be wherever your PC is.
· Remote support reduces expensive on-site maintenance costs. Spare IP phones can be kept on your site for a quick change out if the instrument is faulty. Other than telephones there are no moving PBX parts to fail, thereby increasing your voice uptime.

The system grows with your business, giving you unlimited extensions. Adding users or even branches is simply a configuration change on the core PBX. Trunk side growth is as simple as virtually upping bandwidth to your site/s

(Interactive Voice Response)
Allowing incoming calls to be controlled automatically, 24/7.

No Licence Costs
Pay a once off up-front fee

Cost Effective Technology
With minimal hardware, remote support and a flat rate for all the features, the Converged Vpbx lowers your operating costs considerabl


GamCo Vpbx
Unified Messaging
(Voicemail to Email)

Fax to Email(Incoming and Outgoing)
Call Intrusion
(Silent and Heard)

Least Cost Routing ready via VoIP
Skills based Routing

Caller ID based Routing
Dynamic Call Centre Agents

Customizable Music on Hold
Web-based Call Recording

Call Snooping
Time based Routing

Call Forwarding
Do Not Disturb

Remote Office Support
Roaming Extensions

Call Parking
Local and Remote Call Agents / Offices

Unlimited IP Extensions
Auto Attendant – IVR

100 Virtual Conference Rooms
Automatic Call Distribution


Web-based Queue Management
Database Integration

CRM Integration on request

Web-based System Management
Web-based Operator Panel

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